The Samurai Photographer – Vol. 1 Part 3- Between the Clicks – Eye of the Tiger

I have two purposes for this post…one was to be sure that everyone has the song in their head.  If you are singing it right now or pulling it up on You Tube…I have succeeded!!  The second was for you to see what the Samurai Photographer see’s when he is taking “that picture.”  You see a Samurai Photographer isn’t afraid to move, get dirty, climb, take risks because he knows that the final prize will be a wonderful moment captured!  He has the eye of the tiger – swift, exact, calm yet sure…yeah…and the song is in your head again!!  Ha! Ha!

It is one thing to take a lot of pictures and hope that among the hundreds you “get lucky” and some are good – but the other is to get into the moment…to grab it and then allow everyone else to see it forever…  This is what you should see when a true Samurai is working…keep on singing the makes the pictures look even cooler.


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