Charlotte NC Photographer“Our purpose, the one that drives us in all that we do,  is to create beautiful images… and not  just how WE see you, but how you See Yourself!  ”

Located near Charlotte, NC, and with over 20 years of combined experience in photography and customer service, Bollinger Images  is made up of Chris and Angela Bollinger, family, friends and our wonderful clients who drive us to exceed expectations.

Chris, our creative genius…photographer, videographer, editor and designer, will at times pour over one photograph for an hour or more ensuring  the image is everything that it can be for the client.  He is fun, lovable, and very driven to deliver true works of art.  In a world that is inundated with “instant” pictures on social media and sub-par products, many have forgotten what true, quality images should look like which  drives him to deliver beautiful, artful, quality images – all the time, every time.

Angela is the “brains” behind the business (at least that’s what Chris says!)  She organizes the business, provides excellent customer service, and meets with other vendors to be sure any production goes smoothly for our clients.  She is also our make-up artist, “social butterfly” and marketing guru!  Angela serves, at times, as an event planner when one is absent and is a voice of “logic” when the need arises.

Specializing in wedding photography, portraiture, wedding videography, commercial photography, commercial videography and graphic design, art is our passion and these elements come together beautifully.  We help all of our clients convey the image they want others to see and what they want to see of themselves or business.  Whether for personal or commercial use – the end result must be a beautiful, quality portrait or video. We are available for travel anywhere in the United States as well as internationally.

An image is more than a picture.  An image is our way to tell the world who you are, what you feel, what you think or believe.  We all have an image – and most have more than one.

So…how do you want to See Yourself?


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