True Love Engagement Session

There many photographs out there of people “in love” but even those photos sometimes don’t tell the real story.  It may be that the couple is nervous or just not sure what to do in their photos…but there are those times that the couple completely takes the lead because they are so very in love and perfect for each other.  We got that experience with Chantele and Ryan.  Just a beautiful couple with a beautiful story.  They met on a blind date set up by a couple of friends…never thinking it would work out.  Well after a year of dating while hiking in Seluda at the top of the water fall,  Ryan asked Chantele what she would do if he fell off the top and she ignored him (just as any girl would)!  Then he asked what she would do if he asked her to marry him and got down on one knee…she paid very close attention at that point!  She of course accepted but he made her give the ring back until they finished hiking!  

Just check out their photos from the day and you can see exactly what we are talking about.  We can’t wait to shoot their big day because we know it will be filled with even more love and excitement!  Congrats to a wonderful couple!!

Gastonia NC Engagement sessionCharlotte, NC Wedding Photography


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