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Ashley + Matt – The Colors of Summer

Ashley and Matt’s beautiful summer wedding took place at Baker Buffalo Vineyards under sunny skies and surrounded by family and friends. Ashley and Matt dated for over 10 years before saying I-do as husband and wife. Most of the details and all of the guest gifts were hand-made by Ashley. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24


Wedding Budget Blues

Everyday we speak with soon to be brides and grooms about their wedding budget.   When a planner isn’t involved, even as a photography and videography company, we help our clients with getting what they want within their budget.  We refer them to other wedding vendors we have worked with, find specials for them on invitations, and help weed out unnecessary “extras”.  We are by no means wedding planners but we know enough to offer some great advice and to be sure our clients can have great photography and aren’t boxed into any one type of package.  We just wanted to share some of these tips and let you know our pricing is some of the most flexible in the industry.

So, you want a fantasy wedding but then realize that your budget is just a fantasy too.   You have this “picture perfect” scene in mind for the day you will marry the woman or man of your dreams – but then the bubble pops with the first dollar sign.  So you have to learn to prioritize what you absolutely have to have and those things that are just “fluff”.

  1. Pretend you live in a perfect world and could have everything you want at your wedding and from your wedding vendors.  Estimate the cost and after you pick yourself off the floor from the shock – start taking away things that are just not that important or won’t have as much impact.  
  2. Remember this is your and your fiance’s day – period.  Unless someone else is footing the bill for all those little extras they suggest  – you have to decide what is important to you.  We know you want to make everyone happy – but not at your expense!
  3. Figure out why you want certain things in your wedding.  Is it for religious reasons?  To please parents?  Because you think you “have to”?   If the “why” is very important then it is very important that those things are left in the budget.
  4. Are you crafty?  There are so many GREAT ideas for DIY weddings!  Just be sure you have the time, the patience, and that it will actually save you money!  But trust us disposable cameras and paper plates aren’t the way to go!  There’s nothing like 1000 blurry pictures of people with food in their laps!
  5. Are your vendors flexible?  Do they all force you into a box with packages that don’t come close to what you actually want?  Then keep looking or let them know ahead of time what you do want and what you don’t want.  For example – we realize that not everyone wants a huge 16″ x 20″ print – so we let them switch it out for other sizes that equal the same amount of “paper”.
  6. Realize the most important thing on your wedding day is the vows that you are making to your significant other and the life you will have together.  Its your day and if you want to do cartwheels down the aisle that is YOUR choice!  So it can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.
  7. Hire a wedding planner – seriously – they are AWESOME at getting the most for your money and you save money because of hiring them.  Not to mention – you get to actually enjoy your day.

These are just a few things that we hope can help with planning your budget and your wedding.  Our packages are very flexible and we work with you to get everything you want – without breaking the bank on things you don’t want.  We also offer bridal makeup at no additional cost to the bride so you can look your best all day.

Happy budgeting!