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Sile and Thierry

Every wedding is different.  Each one has its own life – its own rhythm.  We have been involved in so many beautiful unions and are blessed by every one of them.  That did not end with Sile and Thierry – as a matter of fact – the rhythm of this wedding was one that made everyone dance…

Sile and Thierry, originally from Togo, West Africa, had many friends and family travel from Africa, France, and other locations around the United States to Charlotte, NC to see them wed.  This was a momentous occasion simply because of the love and devotion that Sile and Thierry have for one another.  The ceremony was a beautiful, traditional Catholic wedding.  With one small tear in the eye of Sile’s brother,  he proudly walked her down the aisle.   When Thierry saw his beautiful bride he lifted his hands and smiled and once she arrived he wiped the tears from his new brother-in-law’s face.  These loving gestures were ones that continued throughout the wedding and the reception among everyone.

The reception was amazing.  Tenesha with Roshel Events designed and planned every piece of the day and it showed.  The atmosphere was light and happy.  The music played was a mix of African, French, and American.  Everyone joined on the dance floor – yes even us – to celebrate.  We witnessed traditional African dances to Salsa!  The children laughed and played.  Everyone had so much respect for everyone else and did nothing but wish Sile and Thierry a long and happy life together.   

So we too wish Sile and Thierry a wonderful, long, happy and rhythmic life together.  We also thank Sile and Thierry, and  all of their family and friends for allowing us to be a part of the dance!

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Cheers to Angie and Glenn!

The wedding of Angie and Glenn Griffin was anything but typical!  They are also one of the sweetest couples we have had the pleasure of meeting!  Angie and Glenn knew each other back in high school and by a wonderful stroke of fate were re-introduced to so they could fall in love and have their very AWESOME wedding!  Angie and Glenn are a laid back, easy-going couple and one of their favorite places is the Catawba Valley Brewing Company and was the perfect venue  to say their “I Do’s” and celebrate with their many loved ones.  The brewery was decorated with care by friends and family and adorned with hydrangea from Angie’s mother’s garden. Photos of family were displayed so that no one was forgotten.  The owner of the brewery and friend, Scott Pyatt, served as the couple’s officiate.  Once they were married we ventured to downtown Morganton for some great photos and fun.  Angie and Glenn were like teenagers in love and that shows in all of their pictures.  Once we all returned, their friends and family boogied down to some fun music and celebrated a wonderful union!

Angie and Glenn we wish you the best of luck…although we are pretty sure that you won’t need it!