Yes It’s Personal

Remember the days of business cards with no picture on them?  Just straight talk about the service or product offered – a phone number and maybe even an email address along with a recognizable logo.  Flash forward to business cards that include a QR code, constant email and brochure advertisements, social media and endless websites – it can be very overwhelming for ANY business owner – large or small.  So how do we differentiate ourselves from the other thousands that may be advertising the same thing?  We must realize that the difference is our individual strengths and personality.  We must make it more personal when we reach out and when we are looked at for our services the person on the other end must see why they can have a personal connection with you and your company.

So how do we make it more personal?  Take away the black or white background from your 20-year-old business picture, the flat, boring website that you put up to just “have a website” and do some video (even if it is only for a minute) to really “talk” to your customers.  It is time to move forward!  Technology is great but we as business owners cannot sit behind our computers and expect social media or just a phone call to keep our businesses running – that will not form relationships.  It doesn’t matter if you work with outside customers or other businesses – you must build a relationship with them and the faster that happens, then the more repeat business you will receive.

People need to see who you are…now – not 20 years ago (I stress this because I see it way too often).  Have updated photos taken of you, your staff, your business, your services and /or your products.  Have a short video done (and it needs to be quality video – you can see the difference) and post it everywhere along with your updated website.  That’s just for starters – if you are a self-ran business you need to learn about SEO strategies, blogging, marketing, customer service, etc.  But you must have a good base and people have to know who they are dealing with – not just what.  Make your business’s personality come to life!

If you can hire a marketing firm to help you – that is the ideal situation.  Just be sure you check out their credentials, resources, past client return on investment, and that they understand your business.  If you can’t hire a firm, do your homework on your local web designers, graphic designers, commercial photographers and commercial videographers.  If you have a company that does it all – it may be your best bet because they may have package deals to fit your budget.  Get your brand out there and get yourself out there.

Here are photographs showing product and personal image marketing…

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All of the below videos were shot and edited by Bollinger Images!  We’ve tried to included a wide variety to help pick the type you may need for your business!

Church Guitars

Austin Farris – Opera Singer

John Rosemand – Author, Speaker, Psychologist

Keeter Ford Commercial


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