Wedding Planners Rock


Yes!  Wedding planners are a wedding photographer’s best friend (or should be).  Actually, in a wedding or any large event – a good wedding planner makes ALL the difference!  Why you say?  Let me count the ways…

Scenario One –  You’ve never planned a wedding or any event in your life.  You are a very organized person so you think “I can do this!”  You start looking for a venue, a wedding photographer that matches your style and budget, get opinions from your mother, sister, best friend, then forget to turn the oven off in the middle of talking with yet another vendor and have to make yet another phone call to the pizza delivery guy.  We are already busy people..add a huge, special event into the mix and it can be very stressful!  A wedding planner can help!

Scenario Two – A friend volunteers to plan your wedding for you for free!  Or it could be your mom, mother-in-law to be, etc – but you think wow…this is great!!  Ok, they have never planned a wedding either but it has to be easier for them than for you…right?  Hmm…sounds very nice but if they don’t know some great wedding vendors, how they price, wedding etiquette, all the little details that are easily forgotten – guess what then there are two stressed out women that are trying to navigate their way through a huge undertaking!  Not to mention, they may not be able to guide and advise you as a professional wedding planner would.  Seasoned wedding planners know the top wedding photographers, the best florist, the most beautiful venues and they know how to stick to your budget!

Scenario Three – You’ve planned your wedding without a problem and all by yourself!  Awesome!  It is now the wedding day – all your vendors – wedding photographer, wedding videographer, florist, musicians, caterer are setting up for the big day.  They haven’t met each other yet and aren’t sure about the plans for the day.  So, they come to you – the wedding planner – while you are getting ready for the wedding and thinking about one of the most important steps in your life – but hey – you have plenty of time to tell the caterer where to put the crepes…right?  The great think about wedding planners – they also offer smaller packages that just cover the weekend of your wedding.  You’ve planned it all – but on the day of your wedding – it needs to be about you – not you running around trying to coordinate in your half zipped dress!

Scenario Four – You just can’t put a planner in the budget – its ok – you have a small wedding.  However your vendors should get to know each other before the wedding.  Why?  They need to coordinate what they will be doing with your schedule.  Example your wedding starts at 5:00 pm and lasts until 5:30 pm.  The caterer starts putting out all the food at 4:30 because she didn’t know the photographer was going to need to keep you for at least 45 minutes to get all the pictures you wanted because he didn’t get to do many before the wedding.  That’s because the florist was still putting out the flowers up until 3:00 because the guests were starting to gather and the venue wouldn’t allow you to be there before 2:00.  Guests are getting very hungry at the reception waiting on the new couple – once you arrive you have to tell everyone thank you for being there.  The DJ starts to play the first dance song but realizes the videographer has taken you out to the car to get some footage of you and your new husband.  You at this point are starving.  Have I painted the picture?

What matters in the end is that you marry the love of your life.  Getting to that shouldn’t be stressful for you – or at least minimal!  If you can – hire a planner – if not make sure your vendors are savvy enough to help make sure your day stays your day.


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