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Become Photogenic!

Let’s face it – not all of us are truly, naturally photogenic.  And many of us who may actually be photogenic, don’t think we are – therefore we aren’t!  Having pictures done whether it be family photos, business photos, or boudoir can be very stressful.  You know what you want to see when it’s all said and done yet actually being confident enough so that the camera can actually capture that is the source of great worry and even fear!  So in this series we are going to give you tips of how to be “more photogenic.”  We don’t promise you will become a model – but it may help you “see yourself” in a whole different light!

The first step to having a great picture taken  is to relax and have fun!  Do you really think that practicing the your smile in the mirror is going to make you feel any more comfortable?  What we normally want to see is ourselves looking great, happy, natural!  But if you have the “perfect smile” glued on your face – then it just that – a glued on smile!  Oh, so you hate your smile?  You hate your teeth?  We get that.  Yet people really love a natural happy smile.  You don’t have to show your teeth but you do need to be genuine.  Talk with your photographer about little things he can do to retouch the photo so that you are happy and it still looks like you.  When I was young I had a very large gap in my top teeth.  I would never smile with my teeth showing.  I was so self-conscious.  Yet my family loved my smile and didn’t understand why I had such a problem with it in pictures.  So every picture that I knew was going to be taken – I had my “nice, don’t show my teeth” smile.  But when I look back at the pictures I didn’t really “think” about I realize how beautiful and natural they were.  I could kick myself for thinking otherwise.   Just be yourself..

Do you like your photographer?  Do you like your photographer’s assistant?  Can you actually have a good conversation with the person that will be taking that “natural” photograph of you?  Does your photographer scare you?  Does he/she make you feel rushed?  These are VERY important questions.  How in the world are you going to stand there, be relaxed, feel beautiful and the  person on the other side of the camera is someone who you can’t wait to get away from?  They could be the BEST photographer in the world technically, but if she has no people skills then they just need to stick to trees or bugs.  Technical skill is important but a true artist will know the “right moment” to snap the picture.  He will have talked with you before the shoot to get to know you and what you are looking for.  When you get to the shoot, you’ll feel comfortable and at ease.   You’re kids will even like this photographer!  Then you can develop a lifetime relationship with this photographer so that your pictures will only get better and better.

This is the first in our new series – Become Photogenic! Please leave your thoughts, ideas, and experiences here – we love a good story!!



The Monster’s Ghost

When we “Slayed the Pricing Monster” we thought we were done.  We got it.  Just how to price our wedding packages so that we can help anyone anywhere.  We did research, read other blogs, compared other pricing models, talked about it and then Bam!  The Ghost of the Pricing Monster started haunting us!  We heard its voice in the background, felt its presence while speaking with clients!  We shivered at the thought of once again rehashing all that we had already – well hashed!  Yet, it would not leave us alone.  Here and there we would get whispers of doubt.  Doubt that the packages we have created would not be “personal” enough.  We found that as we talk with our clients we always ask what they want and then we always have re-worked any package so that they get what they want and at the same time give a fair price for our work (which is very high-end photography.)  The ghost just shook its head…

Finally – we heard it.  It yelled and jumped up and down in front of us to get our attention.  We had ignored it until now…brushing it off as doubt.  But we knew.  Pre-made packages were just a waste of time.  We can’t stick to just 3-5 packages and believe that we can meet everyone’s needs, everyone’s budget, and still make an honest living.  So guess what – we lit some candles, told the pricing monster “thank you” and he just left.  We decided that Wedding Packages were also gone.  Instead we have started sitting down with the client, asking a lot of questions, listening more and designing each package for that individual’s needs and desires.

We are developing some really great contact forms, questionnaires, and “best practices” that will really benefit our clients and we are so very excited about where our Wedding Photography and Videography is heading.  And no more bumps in the night…