Become Photogenic – The Final Chapter

We have already discussed several issues on how to be more photogenic.  There are so many tips and tricks out there on what to wear, what to do, etc that it is almost impossible to cover them all.  So for my final chapter I wanted to give you the highlights of miscellaneous great advice.  I also invite you to add your own comments because the final chapter on this will never truly be written.  We give advice from the point of view of a photographer and make-up artist (and in my case just being a woman).  We’d love to see your suggestions!

  1. Have good posture.  This does not include slumping of any kind to hide your belly or other areas!  Stand up straight or sit up straight…trust me having that “hump” on your back is NOT flattering.  Now fellas – we know you’ve worked hard on your biceps and chest – but seriously – don’t keep them flexed the entire time or you’ll look stiff!
  2. Have a red spot on your face?  Yellow concealer!  Pick a high-end concealer – it may cost a little more but it doesn’t take much and it will last for a very long time.  Dab a very small amount on the place you want to hide and blend.  You don’t want to look like you just have a big yellow dot, so after blending, set it with powder and then add your normal foundation.
  3. Don’t hold…. your breath.  Some may think – who does that?  Well, a lot of people.  They hold their breath, raise their eyebrows all in hopes that they have the perfect pose.  Um no…this goes back to be relaxed.  I find it very hard to relax if I’m holding my breath.
  4. Seriously – Crazy patterned  or horizontally striped shirts and/or pants don’t look good in professional portraits – unless you are really just wanting an artsy look which does have its place.  Make sure you have someone who will be COMPLETELY HONEST with you so that what you do wear is flattering.  Take into account the color, the fit, and what others are wearing.  And black is soooo overdone!  Try something brighter!
  5. Photographers are mind readers…wait…no they aren’t. No matter how great a photographer is they cannot read our minds! If you want something “corrected” that bothers you or if you really like a certain pose…tell the photographer just to be sure nothing is missed.
  6. Taking a picture with someone you really don’t like? Give them bunny ears.  he photographer can always Photoshop them out for everyone else…but give you a little chuckle…LOL!!  No really don’t do that – it’s a pain to crop out!
  7. Did I mention to relax?
  8. Drink your daily requirement of water for at least a week before the shoot – not to mention get plenty of sleep and eat well.  What we do to the inside of our bodies shows on the outside!

I hope these tips help you to Become Photogenic or just give you a little chuckle.  Either way, we get a smile out of you and that’s what really makes it all worth it. And also remember – you are all beautiful.  Please don’t forget you can contact us by phone, emails, or “brain waves” if you have questions or just needs some great pictures done!  Visit for all of our contact information!



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