The Samurai Photographer Series – Volume 1 – Between the Clicks

Chris Bollinger – Samurai Photographer

This is the first in a series we are calling “The Samurai Photographer” – in hopes to paint a picture of what does and what should happen before, during, and after a photo session of any kind! But wait…there’s more! Always wanted to say that…but seriously – this will be more about the photographer and the like – and not just any photographer…the Samurai Photographer! He is one that is stealthy, quick to think, completely one with all the tools at his disposal. Many times you won’t even see him coming…but you’ll know he was there because he’ll have the photo to prove it! But how does this Samurai of Photography earn…and keep…this title? That is what we will explore together – but be warned…the flash may be bright!

When you see a picture…any picture…you are looking at that one moment – that split second in time – a beautiful pose, a warm smile, a heart-felt hug.  And you may think to yourself – “Wow how great – but anyone can take a picture of ____________” (feel free to insert any of the following here – her, him, a cute baby, a loving couple, the beautiful model..etc, etc.) What you don’t see are those things that happen between those beautiful shots – those things between the clicks. It truly takes a master of his (or her) trade to get through those “in between” moments and get that “one” that made it all seem so simple! Do you realize that many models are a bit shy? That babies cry at any given moment! That the sweet couple just got into a fight over the toilet seat lid being up (or down) again! That the beautiful woman showing her glowing pregnant belly just finished hurling in the trashcan nearby? For many photographers – this would be the end of the shoot!! Let’s wait until…the baby is happy, the mommy feels better, etc etc! But yet The Great Photographer – is more than that – he is one that can weed through all of this and still see the beauty that is there – because it is always there – just waiting to be captured. We all have a time crunch – and regardless of what you think – having photos done is a project for the subject just as much as for the photographer – so rescheduling sucks.

The Samurai can get the baby to smile or get the couple to laugh at their silly argument – even if just for a minute so he can make that click happen. His tool, his “weapon” is more than the camera…it is his skill, his ability to communicate, to help others to see and feel their own beauty, his mastery of light to make sure that you are glowing in all the right spots and to do it all very quickly – very cleanly – so you think he just took a picture…but it was so much more….

Hope you enjoyed this first journey into the Samurai Photographer’s life and work…next – A Samurai Photographer’s Perfect Disguise!


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