We Slayed the Pricing Monster

Since Bollinger Image’s inception we have merely enjoyed taking lots of photographs of different people and events and the smiles that are given to us when we deliver the final packages.  It is such a wonderful feeling for the bride or the mother-to-be or whoever it is to be really happy with the images we give to them.  We have done high-end weddings where they have spent hundreds of thousands on the wedding to those who had a simple wedding with the simplest decorations.  We have donated pictures for special causes and have been paid thousands just because someone wanted their pictures done.  And even though the places or reasons for the sessions may be different the outcome for us is the same – we love it and we want to photograph as many people and places and events and emotions as possible!

To add to that – we want EVERYONE to be able enjoy those moments forever.  So then comes the business part of Bollinger Images.  We have really struggled with how to price what we do.  What we do, to us, is work hard to get as many wonderful emotions and images captured in a 5-10 hour time frame,  then deliver them on time after hours of going through, editing, approving, talking with our customers, re-editing, finalizing packages, etc.  Before that we talk with our clients, find out what THEY want and then do what we can to make it happen.  To the person on the other end of the camera we deliver a memory, a smile, that they can keep forever.  We have read, studied, compared, even guessed at what we “should” charge for anything.  And it comes down to this…

What we want to do is take pictures and make people smile.  We have read that if your business wants “high-end” projects then you have to charge a lot in order to let them know you are confident in your work. If your business wants to grow you must constantly increase your pricing.  We have also read the opposite – price low then up-sale!  So with all that, we re-did our pricing again.  We want to be the Photography and Videography company that EVERYONE wants to use – not because of the prices but because we do AWESOME work.  We want to be taking pictures and creating videos all the time!

So now our wedding prices start at $995 and go up to $12000 – not just that – but if you can’t afford $995 even in payments we will help you find a photographer that can shoot your day if we can’t at that time.  And we promise that we will make all customers – regardless of what or who or when – feel special and appreciated because we just love people – period.

We have probably gone against all advice, all expertise on this but we don’t care – everyone deserves their memories preserved – everyone….

XOXO ~ Angela Bollinger



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