Always Better Late than Never

We had such a great opportunity to help a girl out with her Bridal Portraits. Sounds very plain – lots of people get Bridal Portraits. However, most get them before the wedding…not several months later! This is the story of Mitzi and Thomas – sweet lovebirds who were planning a full wedding but then duty called. Thomas had to deploy overseas. So they opted to get married in a slightly quicker fashion. However, Mitzi still wanted those Bridal Portraits for Christmas for Thomas – in May. They were Married January of 2011 – then he deployed. They missed all the “1st” holidays as a married couple. So in May when Thomas returned, Mitzi decided to put a Tree up and decorate it with ornaments for different holidays and throw him a party. Among the gifts was her Bridal Portrait.

The look on his face was priceless when he opened her gift.  We were so blessed to be able to pariticipate in such a wonderful event for the both of them…his safe return and a fun filled, holiday packed party!  We were so touched by their love for one another!

Thank you Thomas for serving and Mitzi for supporting him!


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